Virtual ‘Campus’ Interviews

Accuity accepts resumes all year, not just during the traditional campus recruiting cycles.

If you’re attending a university or college in Hawaii or on the U.S. mainland and have big career aspirations, we’re happy to schedule a virtual interview at any time of the year.

Apply online or find our job posting on Handshake. Call us old fashioned, but we do not use computer programs and algorithms to pre-screen candidates. Rest assured that a real person will review all resumes and follow up with selected students to schedule a virtual interview.

Be prepared to ask as many questions as you’d like. This is your chance to learn if Accuity can provide the future you envision for yourself. We’ll have some questions for you too. As always, your level of preparation is directly related to your ability to represent yourself confidently and comfortably.

4 Steps to Your Best Virtual Interview

1. Do Your Research

Learn as much as you can about the company. Consider how this role matches up with your career goals and how your qualifications can benefit our business, staff and customers. Prepare a few questions for us as well.

2. Review Your Resume

Assess yourself. How you can elaborate on your experiences, accomplishments, strengths and skills? Think about areas of difficulty and what you have learned from those experiences. We want to hear about the person behind the resume.

3. Prepare Your Environment

Find a quiet space free from distractions and with good internet connection. Get comfortable with your computer setup and test your audio and video in advance. Think about lighting, wardrobe and framing — dressing professionally is important, but so is tidying up your background.

4. Relax

Remind yourself that this is a two-way exchange of information and you are also interviewing us to see how we match up with your career goals. Act natural, be yourself and don’t be afraid to acknowledge potential issues upfront. No one is perfect!

After Your Interview

It’s often considered good professional manners to write a letter or email of appreciation after your interview. Although not required, it’s an excellent opportunity to reiterate your strengths and reaffirm the reasons you are interested in working with us.

Job offers by Accuity LLP may be made in person, over the phone or via email. If you receive an offer, congratulations! Make sure you understand the terms completely or give your recruiter a call if you have any questions.

Please email or call us with your decision. We’ll be eager to discuss a start date and officially welcome you to our team. Lastly, don’t forget about the other companies that may have offered you a position. Inform them of your decision and thank them for the opportunity.