Our consulting practice helps your organization perform at its best.

Accuity’s business consulting professionals employ Lean Six Sigma methodology to help your organization improve its processes, enhance performance and seize new opportunities. With decades of experience in organizational change management, project management and process improvement, our consultants bring strategic guidance and operational expertise to your team.

Accuity by the numbers

CSSBB (Six Sigma Black Belt Certification) Certified Professionals

Prosci Change Management Leaders

Certified Fraud Examiners

Management Consulting

Project Management

Our project managers bring big-picture perspective and operational experience to your short- and long-term projects. We work with you to create a customized work plan and coordinate execution to meet your objectives.

Organizational Change Management

We help lead your company through organizational culture change, whether you’re introducing new technologies or a new vision. We bring your people and processes together to embrace transformation and improve rates of adoption.


In an evolving business environment, organizational communication is key to maintaining employee engagement and morale. Accuity gathers insights and develops communication strategies that enable you to address your stakeholders effectively.

Operational Improvement / Business Process Reengineering

Our consultants evaluate your processes and provide solutions for improvement to increase operational effectiveness, applying industry knowledge and utilizing Lean Six Sigma methodology. We offer strategic advice that helps close gaps and aligns your processes with overall business goals and strategies.

Film Production Credit Verification Review

Hawaii law provides a refundable credit for qualified costs of producing motion pictures, digital media, or television programs, including commercial messages, in Hawaii. We counsel clients in the industry on how to take advantage of this and other Hawaii credits.

Litigation Support

When it comes to litigation, arbitration or mediation, having a seasoned professional on your side matters. We offer financial, economic and business consulting to attorneys and other parties involved in legal cases. We are often called as expert witnesses to present testimony and are seasoned in presenting facts against vigorous cross-examination.

Program Evaluation

Evaluate the effectiveness of your programs and improve your organization’s accountability. We develop criteria for evaluation, collect and analyze data, and assess your results against program objectives to determine the true success of the programs you implement.

Educational Consulting

Our team has extensive knowledge of the Hawaii public educational system with a deep understanding of its organization, public education standards, infrastructure and operations. Our consulting services have included independent reviews of schools, management and fiscal assessments, accounting services and information technology-related consulting.

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Ryan Horiuchi

Ryan Horiuchi


Ryan Horiuchi

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